People on Bicycles adopt Potoroo

Dear People, it is with great joy that we announce our collective community has become parents. Yes, you read correctly.

With great joy we have chosen an adoption… and it’s a Potoroo! So, please put your hands together, welcome our new ‘baby’ to the fold and let me introduce to you the newest member to our family: Potoroo (that’s also his name) is a successful actor, cuddly handsome and currently working in the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre‘s production of Miss Lily’s Fabulous Feather Boa. 

People on Bicycles is celebrating our first year providing interesting stories about Perth’s bicycle culture, running workshops and cycling classes. We’re quite stoked with how our social enterprise is growing and we’re keen to share our success by supporting other non-profit organisations and community groups. Atma Cycles is one example of our partnership program and it was high time to extend our portfolio.

So, you may be wondering, what does a theatre have to do with bicycles? Well, nothing and everything: we believe creating, nurturing and growing our local cycling culture means that we need to look at our community holistically and encourage riding a bicycle not just because it’s such awesome fun, but because it’s often an easy (and always a healthy way) to get around. Looking at the calendar of events that encourage people to cycle, it is vast and ever growing, particular in the lead-up to Bikeweek. All of these are worthy projects that deserve people’s support. The question is, what can People on Bicycles do to add value?

Instead of creating additional, competing events we are seeking opportunities that add more layers to our community. We love incentives and sometimes deterrents help. In this partnership we see two carrots: our partnership with the theatre provide our community (that’s you) with free tickets to performances, yipee! And secondly: the Spare Parts Puppet Theatre is a great example of a venue that’s easy to reach by bicycle (or train and bus, which are literally 30 seconds from the venue). The stick: the parking crunch in Fremantle’s CBD (enough said).

Another contemplation in joining The Spare Parts Puppet Theatre’s adoption program was: how is our donation used? Jess O’Nions of the theatre explains, “We’ve recently launched a campaign to raise $42,500 to go toward extending our schools programs to students that do not ordinarily have access to arts experiences.”

In addition, should the theatre reach it’s target, the Federal Government will match the funds dollar for dollar. This is why we’re keen to spread the word about the program as individuals can also adopt. Check out the puppets and find out more how you can be involved.

We’re looking forward to sharing this program’s benefits with you soon. The next upcoming play in April will be The Little Prince. 


    • Christina says:

      Thank you for the feedback! We hope to add more partnerships to our portfolio in the future and be able to pass on some exciting perks!

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