Upcoming workshop: All about bike commute

Have you contemplated riding your bicycle to work? Sometimes trying something new seems like an insurmountable challenge. That’s why we thought we make it as easy as possible and offer you a series of workshop to get you into the right frame of mind.

Partnering with social enterprise Befriend we’re pleased to launch our Commuter Series, which you can directly book online. Pick the topic that you’re keen to learn more about or choose all of them, it’s entirely up to you.

The sessions will cover the following content:

Session 1: Road Rules & Safe Rides – Sat 15 October
This session will cover road safety and how to handle your bike (such as mounting, dismounting, breaking, gears and helmet use). We’ll also practice bike balance, riding with one hand, looking over the shoulder and overtaking.

Session 2: Commuting Kick-Start – Sat 22 October
Think about your needs in regards to your bike: which type would suit you best, and will it need much storage capacity? This session will cover trip planning; assess your skills and fitness; and strategies for shortening rides. We will also revise using gears and why they are key to riding longer routes.

Session 3: Bike Checks & Fixes – Sat 29 October
Learn about key safety requirements of your bike (such as breaks, seat position, chain, and tires). You’ll be taught some DIY quick fixes on the road (replacing the chain, fixing a flat) and what issues require urgent mechanical attention.

Session 4: Commuting Test Ride – Sat 5 November
Combining all the knowledge we’ve learnt from the past three session, we’ll do a medium length test ride, and if possible pick one of your chosen riding routes!

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