PoBs first ride, oh look at us!

With terribly little notice and barely any marketing our first ever event last week Saturday was a major success. Ten people rocked up. TEN! People who I haven’t seen before, mostly found out about the ride through social media and who were motivated enough to peel themselves out of bed on an early Saturday morning to come for a ride.

Oh and what a splendid ride it was. Think quiet early mornings, deserted roads, crispy air and a sweet, cool chilly autumn breeze. Okay, the morning did turn into a rather boiling early lunch and our last stop at the Sculptures by the Sea was a sweat, dripping, thirst quenching exercise, but we did it! You did it, people. Good job!

Gill and I are cooking up more events for the future so stay tuned!

PS: Thank you for coming to the ride!!!

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