Fall of the Jacaranda by Daniel Lee

November courses open for enrolment

November is unarguably the best time in Perth to learn how to ride a bike, get back into it and join a riding group to keep practicing. The wind is losing its cool nip, temperatures are climbing into the comfortable 20 degrees Celsius – not too warm, not too cold – and then there are the vast blue Perth skies. True, there’s always a blue sky spanning across this city, but there is no better place than marveling at it from the seat of a saddle.

Because November is simply perfect we’ve just scheduled another set of adult riding courses that will enable you to learn, practice and perfect your riding skills. There is no better way to actually ride a bike than knowing exactly how to avoid the most common hiccups and safely navigate through curly situations. Many people use shared paths across town to enjoy Spring, which makes paths a busy place to be, which can be challenging for those who have never ridden, or those who need a refresher of how to handle the bike.

If you like people watching this is good fun there is more out to see. Although not a native to WA, Jacarandas are now in full blossom and Applecross is a particularly great neighbourhood if you’re keen to have a look at the sea of purple flowers. Not sure how to get there? Join Jillian’s five week social ride and learn the best tricks and trips for planning your own journey around town.

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