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New adult learn how to ride courses

People on Bicycles is pleased to offer a fresh set of adult rider classes. Learn how to ride caters for absolute novices, who are keen to acquire the skills of riding a bicycle. There are many reasons why some people never learned as a child – from parents being overprotective, a neighbourhood that wasn’t overly cycle friendly or bicycles that were just too expensive for families to buy.

At the end of the three-week course most participants will be able to balance on the bike, ride a short stretch and master wide turns, which is a great start and a good basis to continue to build on

Many participants are motivated to learn to ride as it is a fun activity and good way to get fit, but are afraid of getting hurt and sustaining injuries that will put a stop to any further exercise. The focus of the course is on safety and how to avoid any mishaps so that participants know exactly how to get on and off the bike, balance and use the brakes, which will keep them safe during the class and whenever they head out on their own.

Those who learned to ride a bike when they were little, but haven’t set their bum on a seat for a while will find the Back on Your Bike class extremely useful. The reason why many adults don’t ride a bicycle is because they worry about what might happen and getting into a situation they feel they can’t control. Learning how to ride safely is key to building people’s confidence and with a few tips and tricks it is easy to make a ride as safe as possible.

For those keen to practice their newly learned or re-freshed skill, but are too shy to go out on their own can join the Share the Ride: social ride which guides them on Perth’s shared paths network through the city, discover some of the hidden treasures of the town and really continue to build their skills and confidence. The rides are guided by experienced accredited cycle coach who provides useful recommendations for each rider to improve event further.

Check out the upcoming courses for more information and future dates.


  1. Sally says:

    Hi could you please email me with more information dates/cost etc on your next adults learn how to ride course?

    • Christina says:

      Hi Sally, I’m happy to add you to our mailing list. As soon as we offer our next round of Learn to Ride courses you’ll know about them! They’ll most likely commence again in March/April 2017.

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