Launch of strategy paper: “Our Bike Path”


When we doodle around town on our bicycles we easily forget how much work goes into the stretch of path we’re using. Developing a bicycle network isn’t simply a matter of scribbling some lines on a map and hand it to the man with the shove excavator to make it happen.

Perth’s shared path network may not be perfect, but it’s taken a while to get to a point where we can access and use a fairly functional network. What many don’t realise is that Western Australia has a small, yet effective number of cycling groups which have pushed the development so far. Gill and I will talk more about these groups and introduce you to some of the faces that have shaped the city so far (*Gill nods*).

Competition for funding, membership and support hasn’t always created harmony amongst these groups and this is why WestCycle’s launch of the strategy paper “Our Bike Path” is a milestone.

The launch last Wednesday as part of Bikeweek 2014 and UWA’s Bike to Uni breakfast (read: free food and coffee, of course we were in!) meant plenty of people on bicycles got together. We were munching, slurping hot goodness and dreamt of an even better, more cycle friendly Perth.

Cynics may put it all down as a pipe dream, but having all of the cycling groups be part of the 18 month process of developing the strategy is one thing, having them agree is another.

If you haven’t had a chance to grab a copy, have a read here.

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