Fixies, Poverty, Your Chance to Help!

Companies promising to do something worthwhile with the hard earned dough you’ve handed to them should pique more people’s attention. Atma Cycles, who will be launching a their first drop-dead gorgeous fixie, are a companies with their finger on the pulse of current consumer demands, who’re not only asking for a good product, but a socio-economic benefit to the rest of the world.

For what you buy when procuring an Atma fixie is, firstly, your new treadlie and, secondly, another bicycle which is donated to a young teenage woman in Northern India for whom this donation is essential to ride to secondary school and complete her education. I know, goosebumps story, right?

Currently, there is a big IF attached to this premise. Alex Carpenter, the owner of Atma Cycles, is gnawling at the starting budget, which will enable the first shipment of fixies to Perth. His crowdfunding campaign launched a few weeks ago and is about to expire in a few days time.

Alex is seeking support from those who have fallen in love with his product and can’t wait to pre-order, those who share his vision of a “buy one, donate one” philosophy that does good, those who feel compelled to support women’s education and escape from poverty or those who just can’t help but donate to something good.

Let’s backtrack a minute. How do women escape poverty through your fixie? Alex is working with a well-established non-profit organisation based in Northern India, which provides microloans. Through their community work they realised that transportation is a major factor in enabling young girls’ secondary education. No low-cost transportation meant girls discontinued school as they were unable to reach their secondary school. Owning their own bicycle, however, meant the could travel to school.

If this is still clear as mud have a listen to Alex at his crowdfunding launch, but most importantly, head to his fundraising page and help out!


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