Event: Frocks from the City to the Sea

Only three minutes old (or so) and we’re already kicking-off our first event with a “bam”! Perhaps, given our little advertisement and notice Saturday’s event might turn out to be a little ‘pop’. We’ll see. The other day Gill and I were riding with a group of 26 people and the length of the group was quite impressive. If we get 20 people I’ll be very impressed, that’s for sure.

The nuts and bolts of our ride:

  • We will meet at 8am in the city at the cactus/Forrest Place (pictured)
  • We will take the shared paths to City Beach (it’s about 13kms)
  • We will have a PYO (pay your own) coffee break at Clancy’s Fish pub (also pictured)
  • After the break we’ll ride another 7kms to Grant Street train station, hop on the train and get back to the city.

IMAG0010 (1024x577)


If you find this ride too short you may continue riding back into the city, or home after the break. If you believe this is too long and your fitness isn’t going to get you there, mhhh, perhaps join us another time when we do a shorter ride?

There will be a sandcastle competition at City Beach (which we haven’t organised, but will take full advantage of) and some people (read: Gill) were keen to stop by the Sculptures by the Sea that are currently on display at Cottesloe. This means, we’ll be adapting the route to what people want. The Cottesloe detour will require on-road riding and some people might not like it, which I completely understand. No matter what, if you want to get to Grant Street train station, I will get you there, promised!

Now, I just wrote “people” not just women and that’s important. We’re inclusive and everyone is invited – male and female. We’re not forcing anyone to wear a frock, but we’d like you to wear something casual (read: non-lycra). Why? While this ride isn’t a short trip and does have a hill (read: three) on the way, you won’t need a road bike and special gear. If your fitness level is quite okay, this is a rather comfortable ride.

An important disclaimer: This is a social ride, each participant’s safety is their own responsibility. The ride isn’t cordoned off, marked, sanctioned and traffic will not be diverted for us and certainly won’t stop (unless there’s a traffic light or we have the odd bloke wearing a frock with us, who knows!). All participants are required to follow road rules, ride in single-file on shared paths, give way to pedestrians and overall be very lovely social people.

We’ll see you on Saturday!

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