Your Move provides you with a comprehensive tool box to create change in your organisation, workplace or school.

Bicycle training: schools and workplaces

Did you know that you can book People on Bicycles to run customised training at your school, workplace or for your community group?

We have also been working with the Department of Transport’s Your Move program, which takes behaviour change in your organisation, school or workplace to the next level.

Your Move is a free and personalised program providing information and support to encourage individuals, workplaces, schools and communities to walk, cycle and use public transport more often.  Workplaces and schools can sign up to the program via the website and once registered they have access to handy tools, information and support to help them motivate their staff, students and visitors to choose active and sustainable travel options by replacing some car trips with walking, cycling and public transport.

Registered organisations are then encouraged to share their stories of change with the online Your Move community to earn reward points which then can spend in the Your Move ‘shop.’ This shop is stocked with items that encourages schools and workplaces to take up active modes of travel more often.

People on Bicycle training sessions are part of this shop, so if you’re planning for change within your tribe, you can use Your Move Reward Points and we’ll help you!

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