A review of how we’re doing

It’s the beginning of a fresh, new financial year: Woohoo and oh boy! How does it happen that another 12 months have passed?

It’s a good time to look at how we’re fairing in our quest to get more people on bicycles. Over the last twelve months I have:

  • Up-skilled a total of 445 people. 133 adults and 312 children.
  • Ran 20 adult workshops and two school holiday workshops for children.
  • Visited two schools.
  • Presented about bicycles at Transition Town Vincent.
  • Wrote and published a set of school resources for teachers.
  • Published 17 blog posts and 9 newsletters.
  • Launched our Facebook page.

Overall, this is a pretty good result and pulling this together a mighty effort given that most of the above work happened on weekends and after-hours complementing a day job.

A big challenge was offering school bicycle education to schools. Being limited during the week has required this social enterprise to grow from ‘micro’ to ‘small’ in a short amount of time. What an amazing experience though to offer more workshops during the week and getting little people on bicycles. Not to mention the buzz one gets when having additional coaches help and pursuing the same goal!

Public speaking has evolved to be part of this organisation, which has been a thrill – slightly terrifying, but so rewarding. I’d love to do more of those!

There is only little visible of all of the hours spent on marketing. Looking at the annual output I’m actually surprised of the regularity of posts over the months. It always feels like I’ve forgotten to capture an event or missed to announce an upcoming workshop, but reality says I’m doing okay.

All in all, I’m pretty happy with the last twelve months and it’s nice to take a step back to look at the milestones.

What do you think?

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